Foster CM Group Adds Drone Services

We are excited to announce that Foster CM Group now provides drone photography services. Construction Inspector, Paul “PJ” Foster, is now a 107 licensed Drone Pilot.  PJ is Part 107 licensed, having trained and safely operated our drone to achieve his license.

Drone services have quickly accelerated in the construction market to capitalize on the progress of your construction projects. By utilizing our drone services, we can capture real-time images, show construction progress and capture impressive images and video for stakeholders to get a better insight on the progress of the project without having to be on-site.

Additionally, drone photography can achieve dramatic photos and video footage of your project for any of your marketing and media needs.

We are committed to delivering the best aerial imaging to assist in managing resources efficiently and help clients save time and money.

Contact us about obtaining our drone services for your project needs and gaining efficiency on your projects.

June 22, 2020